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Bureau of Fire Prevention

Bureau of Fire Prevention
(609) 625-1591


The Fire Prevention Bureau, within the Department of Inspections, protects the health, safety and welfare of Township residents through the administration and enforcement of the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code.

The New Jersey Uniform Fire Code is enforced by the Bureau by two full-time Fire Inspectors under the supervision of the Fire Official. The Fire Official oversees the local administration of the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code.

The Bureau of Fire Prevention conducts annual fire safety inspections of all businesses and non-residential facilities, issues fire permits, inspects fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors prior to the resale or re-occupancy of residences and other duties as defined in the Uniform Fire Code.

Inspections can be scheduled either by stopping at the Department of Inspections office during business hours or by fax (609) 625-7063. The Department currently does not accept phoned in inspection requests.


Fire Prevention FAQ's

Fire Prevention FAQ's

What are the fire regulations governing tents?
Chapter 20 of NJ State Fire Prevention Code regulates tents. Important considerations pertaining to tents include but are not limited to anchor inspections, fabric flame resistance, distribution of fire extinguishers, and contents of the tent. Click here to view chapter 20.

Click here to view The Division of Fire Safety reference guide for determining if a fire or construction permit is necessary for a particular tent.

What are the fire regulations governing cooking under tents?
Click here to view The Division of Fire Safety new guidance concerning this issue in Bulletin 2006-01.

Can a Hamilton Township Resident have a fire pit in their back yard?
The New Jersey State Forest Fire Service is the appropriate agency to contact. You may reach Firewarden Glenn Liepe at Division C headquarters (609) 625-1121.


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