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Department of Public Works

Public Works
(609) 625-6311

The goal of the Public Works Department is to provide safe, efficient, and effective services to the residents and visiting public. These services include maintaining and improving Township-owned streets and roads, parks and recreation areas, buildings and grounds and vehicles. Other services include trash, recycling and vegetative waste collection, community education and enforcement of Township ordinances where applicable.




When is my recycling day?
Click Here for recycling calendar

Where can I get new recycling bins?
Click Here for recycling bin information

What can I recycle?
Click Here to see a list of materials recycled in the Township of Hamilton.

My recycling was missed. Who do I call?
Atlantic County Utilities Authority at (609)272-6950


Trash Collection

Trash Collection 


Order form for additional trash cart rental-Click Here


Who collects our trash?
Weekly residential trash collection services are provided Township-wide through a contract with the Atlantic County Utilities Authority. All residents receiving curbside collection MUST have a cart provided by the Twp. of Hamilton in order for their trash to be collected. Township of Hamilton will provide each residence with one (1) cart only and the cart remains the property of the township. Additional carts are available from the township for a yearly rental fee of $130.  Please call the Public Works Department at 609-625-6311 or Click Here for an application.

What day is my trash collected?
Click Here

to see a breakdown of trash collection days throughout the Township.

How should I place the cart at the street?
All materials must fit in the cart so that the lid is closed. Only materials within the cart will be collected.The placement of your cart is important, since the collection vehicle’s lifting arm requires the following clearance:

• 3 feet on both sides
• 12 feet overhead.
• No more than 3 feet away from the curb or road edge
• Arrows on the lid must be pointing toward the street, with the hinges facing
   away from the street.

Can I put my house number on my trash cart?
It is suggested that you use stickers similar to those you might use on your mailbox if you want to put your house number on the cart. The carts are the property of the township and care should be taken not to damage them. Please refrain from using markers or spray paint to mark the cans as this permanently defaces the can and you will be charged the cost of a new cart based on marketing pricing plus $25 service fee. (Ord.# 1931-2020)

What happens if my cart breaks?
Damage sustained through normal wear and tear will be repaired by Township of Hamilton. You may report any damages or other problems with your cart by calling us at 609-625-6311.

What do I do with bulky items?
The residential trash collection program is designed to allow residents to dispose of their weekly household trash. The additional bulk waste collection services described below are offered to help residents with the occasional need for disposal of larger items. Residents need to make other arrangements with the disposal company of their choice to dispose of debris from larger construction projects or home/garage clean outs.  You are permitted to place two (2) items weekly at the curb next to your cart for pickup.   Bulky waste items are things that don’t fit into your green Waste Management trash cart. You may dispose of items from any of the following categories:

• Carpet - must be cut down and rolled into manageable bundles. Each bundle counts as one (1) bulky item.
• Furniture - A box spring and mattress count as two (2) items. Other items accepted include, but are not limited to, couches, dressers, other furniture items.  These all count as one (1) item.

• Construction Debris –It is permissible to place large items at the curb for bulk waste collection such as a toilet or sink. Residents generating more construction debris than can be disposed of through curbside collection may transport waste themselves to the landfill at Atlantic County Utilities Authority (
Click Here for disposal information)  

   The curbside trash collection services are not designed for excessive amounts of trash.  It is not possible for us to collect large quantities of trash piled at the curb.  Please be courteous to your neighbors and properly dispose of these items!

• Fence sections – These should be a maximum of 4’ x 6’ and each section counts as one (1) bulky item.
• Miscellaneous – Other larger or unwieldy items are accepted as bulk items.  Please call the Public Works Department if you have questions about whether an item is accept for disposal at 609-625-6311. 
• Attic / Garage / Home clean-outs and/or moving - Often cleaning out a garage or attic or preparing to move out of your home results in a large amount of discarded items.  Residents generating more trash than can be disposed of through curbside collection may transport waste themselves to the landfill at the Atlantic County Utilities Authority (
Click Here 

for disposal information) or you may contact with the waste hauler of your choice for additional collection and disposal services.



Prohibited Items

The following items may NOT be disposed of through curbside trash collection:
• Tires – may be dropped off at Public Works Yard, 5500 Atlantic Avenue, limit of 4 per month.
• Concrete – Can be recycled at many local recycling facilities. Check under “recycling” for listings. 

• Hazardous materials – Can be taken to Household Hazardous Waste Day Click Here for more information on this program.
• Appliances and other metal items - Call the Public Works Office to schedule a separate collection at 609-625-6311.
• Recyclable items – 
Click Here 

for a description of what can be recycled.

Should I continue to bag my trash?
Yes. Bagging your trash will help to keep the cart clean and sanitary, and prevent litter on windy days. All bags must be placed curbside in the green cart only.

What do I do with leaves and yard waste?
Leaves and brush will continue to be collected curbside on Saturdays by the ACUA

For a schedule, please go to

 or call 609-272-6950

What about metal items and appliances?
These items are recyclable and are collected by scheduling with the Public Works Department at 609-625-6311. Please make sure to take the door off any upright refrigerator or freezer before placing them at your curb.

How do I get more information on trash disposal and recycling?
Visit this web site for more recycling information: 

—for recycling and vegetative waste collection.

Please call the Public Works Department with any questions about trash collection:


Streets and Roads Division

 Streets and Roads Division

The goal of the Streets and Roads Division is to and improve the township streets, roads and associated improvements for safe, efficient and effective public travel and transport. our resident's assistance is helpful to identify a variety of community needs.

You may also call the Public Works Department at (609) 625-6311

Remember that our local Public Works Department services municipal streets and roads ONLY. For problems with County or State roads please click on one of the links below.

Atlantic County Public Works Department
NJ State Department of Transportation

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